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  1. Fill out the attached application.
  2. Turn in the completed application to the Board.
  3. Include a check for $85 made out to Exclusive Business Group (non-refundable). When inducted into EBG, the balance of the dues for the current quarter will be pro-rated.
  4. Include a Typed Bio of your company (tell us about your company, products, and services).
  5. Please provide a Logo that can be added to the Exclusive Business Group website.
  6. Include a Typed Bio of you (tell us about yourself, married, kids, education, and/or experience).
  7. The above information may be emailed to wanda@brokerheadquarters.com

The Application Process Includes:

Up to three weeks for the committee to make a decision whether to include your company as a member (we strive for a quicker response).

  1. The $8 entry fee to the meetings is waived during theseĀ 2 weeks.
  2. When you are accepted, the Quarterly Dues are $125. The dues include, but are not limited to, the following: breakfast, networking, functions, website listing and the protection of the seat that you hold from competition within the group.

Additional Requirements:

You MUST meet with three core EBG members during theĀ 2 weeks.

It is your responsibility to contact them and make arrangements to meet. Below is a list of the core EBG members and their phone numbers:

  • James Arnold (615) 286-5625, Arnold’s Safe & Lock
  • James Cobb (615) 649-0049, Cobb Law
  • Darrin Smith (615) 596-2592, Smith Technical Resources
  • Ron Martinez (615) 851-6246, Outdoor Solutions
  • Mike Miller (615) 719-2560, Tennessee Property Inspections
  • Brandon Saunders (615) 310-1311, Brandon’s Automotive
  • Tim Hobrock (615) 512-2113, PVD Solutions
  • Steve Winter (615) 405-7807 ADT Security Systems

Thank you for your interest in EBG. We look forward to growing our businesses together!

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