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Missy Robie
Phone: (615)448-6446
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Missy Robie, Receptionist/Marketing Coordinator

Missy was born and raised in Ohio. She grew up playing every sport available as well as being a cheerleader, singing in choir and playing a trumpet in the band. With all these activities, she was bound to get hurt and need doctor’s care either with chiropractic or with an orthopedist! This gave her a passion for wanting to help people, because of the way she had been helped with love and care.

After getting married and having 3 children, in 1994 Missy moved to the Nashville area, where jobs were plentiful to give her family a better life. After working in the Human Resources field for over 10 years, she decided to change her career path. She became a Marketing Director, but this still did not allow her to help people which she passionately wanted to do. So, she started working in the chiropractic field.

Here at ProMassage & Chiropractic, she is our Receptionist, our Marketing Coordinator. She is our “Air Traffic Controller” and keeps all things running on schedule. As a “people person”, she loves the interaction with our clients and staff. You will most always see Missy with a smile on her face. Her aim each day, besides helping our clients, is to make them feel appreciated for giving us their business and letting them know we consider them part of the family.